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How to Get Out of a Sole Agency Agreement

Friday, February 25th, 2022

Before signing an agency contract, real estate agents must inform the seller of the circumstances in which the entire commission should be paid to more than one agent. You can have either a stand-alone agency contract (where you only advertise with one agency) or a general agency contract (where you can register several). In the case of a general agreement, the period of notice shall be set in such a way that the Agency can complete any introductions. However, in our experience, it is better to register with a licensed real estate agent rather than several. A brokerage contract is a document that describes the terms and conditions of your home sale agreement. Usually, these contracts are several pages long and are divided into subsections. Ask and act and the reason for issuing the contract is to protect yourself and them in case of disagreement. And while this is true, when you consider how an agent uses a contract (like an escape minefield), you can`t help but think it`s written more in their favor. Another important issue will be an exclusivity clause if you have hired the agent on an individual representation basis.

Although exclusive distribution agreements are usually made at a lower commission than multi-agency agreements, you cannot appoint another agent during the term of the contract. For anyone looking for how to get out of a real estate agent contract, the first thing you need to do is understand what type of contract you have. As with most legal documents these days, every business has its own version – there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all brokerage contracts. In fact, they are available in four types, and even then, each individual agency has its own version of each type. Amazing stuff! However, to help you understand what type you want to cancel, here is an overview of the four most important, can I cancel a registration contract? Answer seven: No. You can cancel a registration contract at any time if you are not satisfied with your broker. The commission is not paid until a house is sold. Check with your state laws. Individual agency This is an agreement in which a single real estate agent is hired to market a property for sale. The agent is only entitled to his fees if he introduces the prospective buyer or (if the contract allows it) negotiates with him while the agent`s contract is in force.

If you can prove that your buyer was not introduced to you by your agent, you may not have to pay them a fee based on the agreement. Bottom line: Before signing a contract that binds you to a broker, read the agreement carefully to make sure you have an exit. It`s also a good idea to delay signing an agreement for as long as possible if you`re using a buyer`s agent. This is the key to avoid unpleasant surprises if you decide that you want to get out of the agreement with your real estate agent. Depending on the type of purchase agreement you have signed, you may still have to pay agency fees. In some cases, you can withdraw without incurring any money as long as you can prove that the buyer was not presented to you by the real estate agency. You can cancel a single mandate in writing (20 working days if after the cooling-off period – RE/MAX gives you a service guarantee and cancels immediately if you wish). As long as you have not signed a buyer agent contract, you are free to change real estate agent. If you`ve signed an agreement and want to work with someone else, you may not be able to end the relationship. Even if you have a list of complaints, be professional and polite.

In the general terms and conditions of the intermediary, it was explained that the seller was obliged to pay remuneration at the final contract price, regardless of whether the buyer was presented by the agent, seller or other representative, provided that they were introduced during the period of exclusive sale. Be careful before signing an agency contract – the risk of paying a double commission Although the deal is irrevocable under California law, you may be able to unsubscribe if you change your mind about working with the broker or agent you hire. The seller wanted the agent to amend his agency contract so that his fee liability would end. Usually, you will not be charged an agency fee if you withdraw from the sale. However, let`s say that the changes can still tie you to paying advertising and marketing costs. If you`re not satisfied with your agent, you may be able to say goodbye to them gracefully. Fortunately, many purchasing agents do not require customers to sign a formal and binding agreement. However, if you want to fire a real estate agent who has invested their precious time and energy in finding you a home, you should part with them in a respectable way. Communication is key. Going behind the agent`s back and using another broker to buy a home is simply rude – especially if that buyer`s agent has invested a lot of time in finding you a home. Instead, make sure you`re open, honest, and open with the agent about your decision to break ties.

The agent`s terms and conditions clearly state that he can charge his commission fee if a buyer has been introduced during the period for exclusive sales rights. Not all real estate agents use the standard clauses designed to provide more clarity on double commission scenarios, but all should alert sellers to the possibility of a double commission in the event of termination of the contract. .

How to Follow up on a Contract

Friday, February 25th, 2022

Unfortunately, this happens to sellers all the time when they are trying to close deals. While there are many reasons for this, one of the main causes is the fact that few people focus on follow-up. Getting in touch with your client after a good meeting is how you stay in control. You can make sure that the offer stays on track and that your potential customer stays bought. Here are some important things to remember when following a sales pitch. Since you probably send multiple initial follow-up emails to different potential customers each day, you can automate all your emails with Sequences, one of HubSpot Sales Toolbox`s many tools. I can`t help you much here because every situation is unique. Exactly what you want and need to get from a follow-up email is likely to change with every campaign you work on, and maybe even between every follow-up you send. The previous follow-up email was about staying in touch with your client and trying to land successive projects. This email model is about reconnecting to a customer after a long time.

How can we get the agreement back on track? How do you know how often you need to contact them, and what happens if you start following too much? You want to move the deal forward, but you also don`t want perseverance to get boring – we`ll show you an example of a follow-up email to send to a customer after sending a proposal so you get a response! In fact, if someone doesn`t respond to Bryan Kreuzberger`s second or third follow-up emails, they use this tactic and send a final follow-up that has a 76% response rate. Bryan swears by this, claiming that this is his most powerful email ever: “No matter how many variants I try, I can`t match the results of the email template `Permission to close your file?` This template gives a relevant and innocent explanation of why you are contacting us, while throwing a simple compliment. After that, it`s a quick win to share other content that might interest them or their followers. Instead of following this email, try to turn the conversation around and add value. Email follow-ups are business messages sent to check the status of a pending transaction, contract, or commitment. There are a number of scenarios that could prompt someone to send an email follow-up, including: Last month`s performance is behind you – now it`s all about this month. You can contact new customers or . Start your cadence of follow-up emails in the hope of closing a deal. You can easily get 3-5 follow-ups around these value-added offers. Make it high quality and relevant to them. They want to be seen as an enrichment for them.

Explain the reason for your follow-up email directly and concisely. Just tell the recipient what you want. If that hasn`t changed since your last email, remind them. This email revolves around a trigger. If you use software like Mailshake, you can track things like email opens and left-clicks in the email. Since they clicked on something, you know they were at least a little interested, so this follow-up email is perfect to start this conversation. You can basically repeat this email as many times as you deem necessary. However, if you still don`t get an answer, you may need to become more energetic. Here`s a follow-up email you could send if they don`t respond to a few messages like the one above: So how do you write a sales tracking email that converts? When should you follow up? How to maintain contact without being intrusive? What can you say? To avoid worrying about following too much or too little, use this sequence of follow-up emails after sending your proposal to a customer and not receiving a response. For even more help writing warm follow-up emails to prospects and customers, check out our blog How to Write a Warm Follow-up Email [Examples Included]. Need advice? Here`s how to write a follow-up email after not receiving a response. While there are no hard and fast rules on how to approach this, CEO Steli suggests efti distribute your follow-up emails as follows: I hope you`re doing well.

I wanted to follow up on my proposal last week. I`m really excited to work together and wanted to see if you have any other questions or concerns that I can address. We`ve worked with many hard-to-reach customers over the years, and the following are the types of emails we`ve found to be the best. Keep in mind that it`s important to test different email subject lines when tracking. You can do or undo them: 47% of people open an email and 69% report it as spam based solely on the subject line. Even worse, it signals to your potential customer that you`re not as busy — and no one wants to work with a desperate salesperson. Wait at least a week between your first and second follow-up attempts. Then and only then, you should accelerate your awareness rate.

If several weeks have passed and you still haven`t heard anything, sending a final follow-up email is acceptable. With every communication, pay attention to the needs of your potential customer and communicate with respect. Follow-up makes others feel valued. When you show appreciation for someone else`s time with a follow-up email, you`re building a relationship that could help secure the next steps for a job or other transaction. Opportunities for organic and natural interaction and follow-up stem from giving them something valuable as a gift, whether it`s a relevant physical element sent to them or a webinar, case study, model, or other digital resource. .

How to End a Partnership in Business

Thursday, February 24th, 2022

“Start each partnership with a solid contract that outlines exit plans in advance. Note a simple understanding with an exit clause built into each partner. In this way, procedures and expectations are present when a partner wants to leave to pursue other possibilities. If you are stoned and dry without one, go back to the contract. According to DelMar, “a well-designed agreement to dissolve a partnership or limited liability company should address a number of important issues, including the expectations, rights, responsibilities and limitations of each of the partners or members of the company, the assignment of trademark and/or the right to use the trademark, transfer of intellectual property, details of the final tax return, liquidation. assets, allowances, future cooperation between partners or members and other important issues. “Effectively breaking a business partnership while keeping the relationship with your former partner intact requires more than paperwork. If you have decided that it is time to end your business partnership, you should proceed with caution to protect yourself and the company. Whether your partnership is a partnership, limited partnership or limited liability company (LLP), and regardless of the reasons why you dissolved the partnership, there are a number of things you need to do to ensure that the dissolution of the partnership is done correctly. It is important that you dissolve your partnership properly and completely to ensure that you have terminated your liability under the Partnership Agreement. “Although the activities have ceased, it is often wise not to immediately dissolve certain businesses and partnerships, because after dissolution, protection ends and partners and members could face personal liability,” she says.

“If you had the foresight to create one, check out the partnership agreement or other business documents detailing the structure of the company and how to deal with disagreements or severance pay. Although these contracts generally do not cover any conceivable scenarios, they can serve as an unbiased reference for negotiations. “To ensure that you are complying with your legal obligations and that you have taken all necessary steps, you should consult an experienced business lawyer who will help you navigate through the country-specific dissolution rules. There are many reasons why a partnership can dissolve. Common reasons why a partnership may break up include: However, some types of partnerships may require accounts to remain open. “If a member remains in a limited liability company, the limited liability company may not need to be dissolved; However, if the remaining person runs a separate business, well-designed assignments for intellectual property, etc., would likely be required, and that person would have to open new business accounts for the separate business,” DelMar explains. Closing accounts can be addressed in the termination agreement, she adds. If a partner leaves the company, you may be able to proceed by buying that person. This presupposes that you want to continue with other partners and that the partnership agreement allows for this. It is advisable to publish a notice of dissolution of the company in order to avoid any personal liability for the debts of the company after the dissolution of the company. The partnership can send notices to customers and creditors, but a public announcement in the newspaper can help ensure that any creditor or neglected customer receives notice of dissolution. You can`t just decide that a partnership is over and leave it.

While we all want to have that kind of freedom, the law protects certain actions within business partnerships to ensure that no one can cause undue harm to anyone else in the partnership. Once the partnership is over, it is important to pay off all debts and close all bank and credit accounts. If the business no longer exists, there should be no open leases, credit cards, loans, or other financial arrangements. 1. Overview A change in the business climate or individual goals may indicate that it is time to end a partnership and release the parties from their obligations. If one of the partners retires, dies or goes bankrupt, the partnership may be automatically dissolved under the terms of their government agreement. Alternatively, the objectives of the partnership may have been achieved and the formal relationship of the parties may no longer be required. The sale of the company could be another alternative to closing. The partner(s) who leave the company will probably have to be bought back from their stake in the company before the sale. “Communicate a lot.

It`s important to clearly communicate your goals and reasons with your partner throughout your partnership, much like in a marriage. If you have a lot of transparency, you and your partner will know where each other stands, and the end probably won`t come as a surprise. “When an LLC goes bankrupt, formal dissolution is an important step that protects the business owner from future liability. Before you take steps to leave the partnership, review your partnership agreement. Knowing your legal rights and obligations under the partnership agreement can help you develop a strategy to leave the partnership with as little drama and negative financial consequences as possible. There are a few different agreements you want to make that govern how your partnership or limited liability company can be dissolved without creating additional bitterness among the partners. In situations where all partners want to dissolve the partnership, it`s much easier. Virginia law outlines the following reasons for breaking off a partnership if all partners agree: Even if your LLC hasn`t done business in the past year, you may still need to file a federal tax return. .

How to Change a Separation Agreement

Thursday, February 24th, 2022

As a general rule, court orders relating to divorce, division of property, support or custody can only be changed if the circumstances have changed significantly. This may depend on the specific facts, the duration, the permanence of the change and whether or not children are involved. Since changes to these court orders can have a huge impact on your life, be sure to consult a lawyer about the change procedure. If none of the above solutions is reasonable or feasible in the particular circumstances, the parties may have no choice but to have the case decided by a court. This includes filling in the relevant documents by each party and participating in a special hearing for the case to be decided. It is important to note that courts are generally reluctant to amend separation agreements unless there is an inherent error in the manner in which the agreement was entered into in the first place, or if the situation of the parties has changed so significantly since the conclusion of the separation agreement that it is no longer fair and appropriate, leave the original agreement in place. The outcome depends on the facts of each case. While separation agreements are very useful and a necessary first step in the process leading to divorce, a separation agreement drafted at the time of formal discharge no longer adequately meets the needs of one or both parties over time. This may be due to changing circumstances in the run-up to divorce.

or, one or both parties may not comply with the terms of the agreement negotiated to the letter. In such situations, the separation agreement can be modified in different ways. A separation agreement is a contract, and the courts will treat it as a contract. This means that, in general, you can`t ask the court to change a divorce agreement just because you changed your mind afterwards. However, the court will amend a separation agreement in Maryland because it deals with some important issues. For many couples, divorce is the result of their marriage. No matter how hard they tried to make it work, nothing could help. They applied for a separation agreement and began the divorce process.

Unfortunately, this is the end for the majority of these couples. But could their separation agreement be changed or cancelled? The answer is yes. Separation agreements can be amended or cancelled by the court. However, this is an incredibly difficult process and cannot be easily achieved. There are few circumstances in which this is possible. To make changes to the separation agreement, first check the language of the agreement. As a general rule, it is required that both parties sign a written document of amendment or amendment to the Agreement. Amendments to the separation agreement must be made in writing. These changes must be approved by both spouses.

You cannot unilaterally change a separation agreement because it contains conditions that affect both spouses and that both spouses have agreed to. Post-divorce disputes may require the help of an expert to resolve them. Families in transition may sometimes require a change in orders such as permanent amendments or temporary divorce amendments. A lot can happen in a year. If you signed a separation agreement in Maryland, but something changes and it seems right, you may be looking for a way to change your agreement. Depending on what you want to customize and what has changed in the meantime, changing your agreement can be easy or impossible. Possible defences against the execution of a separation agreement that could result in the nullity or nullity of the entire document or certain provisions include, but are not limited to, the following: where matters of public policy are at stake, e.B. when couples enter into a separation agreement while still living together and without immediate separation; the mental incompetence of a party; deliberate secrecy of assets; fraud, coercion and undue influence (p.B. when one of the spouses forces the other spouse to sign an agreement under the threat of revealing harmful information); significant mutual errors of fact; and lack of scruples, which can be procedural (e.g.

B, fraud during negotiations) or substantial (. B manifestly unfair terms). .

How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Cottage

Thursday, February 24th, 2022

Benefits. Since you would only declare 20% profit per year when you receive this promissory note, you may be able to stay in a lower tax bracket, which is also to your advantage. But if you`re reporting a 100% capital gain in a year, you`ll probably have to dig deep because you`ll have to pay more than 50% tax on taxable capital gains – something you absolutely want to avoid. Whatever you want to do with the cottage, you should keep your children and grandchildren informed. They may not all want the cabin, especially if they have moved away from home for professional or personal reasons. Some prefer cash over real estate, and others do indeed want the cottage. Settling this part of your estate can be difficult and you should consult a professional to avoid future problems. Whatever you choose, discuss your plans with your family and ensure family harmony by avoiding sudden blindness and unnecessary quarrels that are sure to follow. The problem with the loan is that you have to repay it with interest and the interest paid is not deductible. While the value of cottages continues to rise (like most other property prices), there is no certainty about what the market will look like when it`s time to sell. Other questions like, who will lend you the money? Will the banks then manage the loans closely? What will interest rates look like? These questions can only be answered with a crystal ball. When I think about handing over my cabin to my son, he or I have no other property, apparently he might be eligible to call it his principal residence, which would free him up capital gains, right? If so, how would we do this if I decided to hand over the property to him Nevertheless, if you decide that this is the best option, you should consider giving the cottage over a period of five years.

“By stretching the donation over five years, you could avoid a big one-year tax bill,” says Basraon. But to make sure it`s right for you, make sure that the extra annual income from the extra sale of the cottage doesn`t push you into a tax bracket that would trigger a clawback of state income support like Old Age Security. Typically, you can claim up to $75,910 in revenue before claims come into play. “That`s why it`s important to get professional advice on these issues,” says Basraon. Despite what you might think, “there`s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to estate and cottage planning,” says Tarsem Basraon of TD Wealth. “It really depends on a person`s situation and goals.” If the parents leave the cabin according to the wishes of the last one, instead of transferring it during their lifetime, in some provinces, the estate of the last deceased person pays an estate fee on the value of the hut. If the money is tight for the kids, a mortgage or life insurance can help. The children could take out a mortgage to pay taxes, land transfer taxes or the cost of buying the cottage. Mortgage payments can be an affordable alternative to investing in urban real estate, and children could refer to the vacation home as their primary residence, reducing future capital gains tax. 3.

Leave it to your spouse. If you plan to transfer or sell the cottage after your death, you should leave the property to your surviving spouse. This can defer tax, if any, until the date of your spouse`s death. One final note for these diyers (DIY) – you can`t capitalize on the imputed cost of your own work for a DIY upgrade, but you can capitalize on the cost of the materials you used to improve it. If you own a vacation home or vacation rental property in Canada, contact BDO to discuss the tax implications. Rachel Gervais, Partner, Greg London, Head of the GTA Tax Services Line, Partner, Head of Eastern Canada Tax, Canadian Tax Bruce Sprague, Partner, Head of Western Canada Tax Service In the early months of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to profound changes in the way Canadians live and work. With widespread lockdowns and office closures, many people have had to move quickly from the office to working from home. This, coupled with travel restrictions, led to an influx of people who saw cottage properties as an opportunity to live and work in a quieter environment. As a result, the market for cottage rentals and cottage properties has skyrocketed – and with the continued uncertainty of travel restrictions that could last until another summer – it is likely that demand will continue to rise. In this hot cottage market, cottagers – and those looking to buy a cottage property – may face more pressing issues than in previous seasons.

At this time of year, cabin owners, who tend to be more concerned about septic tanks, dock maintenance, and black flies, may instead consider more complex issues that could have a significant impact on income tax later on. If you are a Canadian resident and you own or plan to purchase a vacation home or vacation rental in Canada, here are some frequently asked tax questions: If the costs you can deduct (with the exception of the CCA) exceed the income generated, you may be in a situation of overall loss. Your ability to use these rent losses to protect other sources of income depends on the individual facts. In general, the possibility of claiming a loss of rent depends on the amount of personal use and whether the rental of the property is made commercially. This means that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) considers that the occasional rental of your vacation home is substantially different from the purchase of a vacation home as an investment with the intention of renting it out. While paying the CRA can sting, keep in mind that paying taxes on several properties whose value has increased is a good problem. .

How Much Does Lawn Care Service Cost

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022

Let`s take a closer look at the cost of the two most popular options. Your lawn needs the right nutrients to be at its best, and your soil doesn`t always have enough nutrients. This is where fertilizer comes in. Fertilizing your lawn is the best way to improve the health and appearance of your lawn. Fertilizers contain the necessary minerals and nutrients that your herb needs to reach its full potential. However, it is important to note that different types of grass require different fertilizers. For general landscaping, lawn care, gardening, and maintenance, the average homeowner will spend $100 to $200/month. The cost also depends on the size of your garden, your location, and the amount of work you need to do on a regular basis. In short, it`s best to use the results of our survey to evaluate what you can and can`t get a good price for your lawn care services.

Unfortunately, some providers are night operators who have not been in business for a very long time and who are only interested in taking your money are not interested in providing a top-notch service. As MarketWatch noted, lawn care requires little more than a few devices and a commercial license. Almost no training is required. In other words, lawn mowing services are more likely to be treated as a commodity in warmer climates. The average cost of lawn care is $35. If you hire a landscaper to maintain your garden, you`ll likely spend between $25 and $50. The price of lawn care can vary greatly depending on the region (and even by zip code). Check out our local lawn care professionals or get free estimates from professionals in your area.

Installing an adult tree in your garden can add 15% to 20% value to your home. However, an adult tree is not without cost. Trees can be valued for landscaping between $1,000 and $10,070. It is believed that homeowners are able to get a 109% return on the value of their investment when they plant trees as part of their landscaping. Installing a new lawn will give your garden the instant look of an established lawn. Turf costs between 14 and 60 cents per square foot. After installation, you need to maintain it, including mowing, water and fertilization. The average cost of maintaining a 500-square-foot lawned garden is $848 per year. In addition, fluctuations in gasoline prices can result in additional costs as lawn service companies pass on the cost of their operations. The same people who mow your lawn are often the ideal people to keep it healthy and solve problems. Think of your lawn caretaker as a “lawn doctor.” Lawns can suffer from a number of problems: larvae, fungi, fertilizer burning, lack of water, bed bug infestation, too much shade, brown spots (perhaps due to dog feces) or other abnormalities.

Lawn caregivers can devise a plan to turn your problematic lawn into a lush landscape that adapts well to your environment and conditions. The frequency of mowing the lawn depends on the weather in your area, the season and your personal preferences. During the main growing season, you`ll probably want to mow your garden every week, although you can extend this to ten days if you live in a warm area with plenty of sun and prefer longer grass to protect the roots from the heat. The pre-season and the end of the growing season see slower growth, so biweekly mowing will likely suffice. Although it is quite acceptable to grind some leaves with a mulch mower to fertilize the lawn, large piles of leaves are more often raked and packed. Left in the yard during the winter, piles of leaves can cause stained dead stains or mold. Professional leaf removal can cost anywhere from $190 to $540, depending on how many large trees drop leaves on your lawn. Of course, this is a more expensive feature, but is often the most effective in landscaping. You can expect to pay an average of about $700 per season for garden maintenance like mowing, raking, pruning and edges. For fertilizer services, an average of $400 more can be expected. More and more homeowners are realizing the value of paying for garden maintenance, as it can take a long time on a regular basis. Construction removal is based on a price per foot, with an average cost ranging from $12 to $13 per foot.

Expect the following: The average cost of weeding is around $12 and $40 per hour, depending on the method you choose and the number of weeds you have. Using weed killers is usually the most expensive way and costs closer to the $25 to $40 an hour mark because you`re paying for labor and chemicals. In other words, let`s say your lawn mowing service takes 30 minutes to mow your garden yourself. You can imagine that mowing $30 per lawn is a fair price to pay based on average market prices. The cost of equipment and tools (and their maintenance) is usually included in the fees of a lawn services company. However, it`s fair to assume that a large company or unionized company with new equipment, company trucks, employee uniforms, and liability insurance tends to cost more than an independent lawn caregiver. Of course, the more complicated the water feature, the more expensive it is. Adding a small well to a landscaped bed is less expensive than building a pond in your landscaping. It is difficult to identify the cost of lawn care because many variables create a sliding price scale.

In general, expect to pay between $48 and $211 for lawn care. The national average is $129. However, prices vary across the country, and prices in small rural towns will be very different from those in urban metropolises. While city rates may be higher, remote rural areas may charge travel expenses. Geography can also be factored into costs. Lawns in humid climates often require more frequent work than lawns in drier regions. The cost of artificial grass ranges from $5 to $21 per square foot. Although this price is higher, you will not have any maintenance costs for the life of the lawn after installation.


How Long Is a Terminix Contract

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022

Terminix offers a warranty called the “Terminix Warranty, which is primarily focused on removing termites from your home. An important part of this plan is that you will never pay for repairs caused by termites, and future termite treatments will be free. As long as you stick to your plan, you`re covered. You also get a 100% money back guarantee if you`re not 100% satisfied with your plan. Terminix tailors your termite control plan to the exact needs of your home, and the technician will compile the plan during the inspection. It also includes the Nix & Fix Termite Warranty for Qualified Homes, which states, “The Nix & Fix Termite Warranty™ means we will eliminate your termite problem as long as you stick to your plan. We will also come back and repair any new damage caused by termites. Despite all the benefits that Terminix offers you, you may want to cancel your subscription to them. Maybe you want to move, or maybe they`ve done their job and all the insects that used to plague your home and garden are gone.

In addition, any service they offer requires a paid subscription and you cannot suspend the contract. This monthly service immediately reduces the mosquito population after treatment. After the inspection, the specialist develops a tailor-made treatment plan that specifically targets problem areas. It offers long-lasting protection with a special polymer layer that protects the active ingredient from natural weather and lawn irrigation. Terminix`s non-cancellable contract as long as you pay your annual renewal fee (many other providers have a withdrawal clause that allows them to cancel your coverage.) Our treatment plans are tailored to the individual needs of customers and include the strongest termite warranty in the industry – a contract that cannot be cancelled and protects your structure and its contents. The unique defense system of ticks includes only the treatment of ticks. Fleas, ticks, carpenter ants, fire ants, pharaoh ants, brown crazy ants, black widow spiders, brown hermit spiders, bees (yellow vests, hornets, wasps) It is useful to compare Terminix with other companies on the market. Below, we`ve rounded up the top 3 providers side by side to help you make your decision. We gave Terminix a score of 98.5 out of 100, the highest of all the companies we reviewed. However, we always recommend that you contact several companies before making your final decision.

Parasites not covered (premium parasites – paid) The support team will be happy to help you and you will have to follow the instructions they give you to cancel your subscription. If you do not wish to speak by phone, you can also contact them by e-mail and request a cancellation in this way. You`ll need to give them personal information, usually your email address and phone number, as well as information about the plan you want to cancel, and then ask them for a confirmation email once the cancellation is complete. In addition, we offer a free service in case of reappearance of termites, free repair of damage if we find active termites and, perhaps most importantly, peace of mind. In this review: Pros and Cons | Plans and services | Locations| | Pricing Reviews | Terminix vs Concurrent | | Frequently Asked Questions Conclusion If you have defects in your home, then Terminix is the best way to make sure they stay away from you. This pest control service can get rid of all kinds of insects and calls everyone, no matter what, once you give them a subscription. This plan protects against 13 pests, including the following: Do you need help? Our team of experts is at your disposal for your questions. Instead of talking to Terminix employees over the phone without getting any results or ignoring your emails, it may be easier to cancel Terminix with DoNotPay. Our app reduces the long cancellation process to trivial clicks.

You only have to: Terminix has many branches around the world, and your location determines which of them will appear on your credit card statement. In most cases, it looks like this: Terminix prices typically range from $550 to $700 per year for a 2,000-square-foot home. Mosquito services start at about $60 per month and tick services start at about $80 per month. The exact cost of your Terminix treatment depends on several factors. We spent hours researching companies by chatting with representatives and technicians directly on the phone, via email, and chat to get the latest and most useful information about plans, costs, and more. You should also make sure to keep a written record of everything related to Terminix. Always make sure you have the name of the subscription you signed up for, the email address or phone number you signed up with, and your credit card information. Record all the emails you`ve sent or sent and keep a list of all the topics you`ve talked about over the phone.

“The technicians are very respectful of my property and me. They inspect and process EVERYTHING. I like the fact that I can see online when they will be dealing again. I`ve read a few reviews where people complain about the cost. But that`s pretty much the standard price. I don`t regret choosing Terminix. With over 90 years of experience and over 10,000 team members, Terminix is one of the most trusted companies in the industry. In addition to its history, the Terminix team is made up of certified graduates and PhDs who have developed pesticides for government, written scientific publications, and lectured to scientific and community groups around the world. .

Terminix requires a home inspection before making quotes for additional services such as termite or bed bug treatments. Finally, we created a ranking system to determine the best pest control companies based on key criteria such as the number and type of plans, state availability, customer service, and more. More detailed information can be found here. The refund may take several business days to arrive at your bank account or a third-party payment plan if you paid with a service such as PayPal or Venmo. Keep an eye on your account and the money owed to you will soon be returned to you. If you feel that you have been mistreated by Terminix to legal misconduct, reaching a satisfactory conclusion may require a legal process that can be costly and exhausting. For this reason, DoNotPay helps simplify a company`s lawsuits in small claims court. The usefulness of our application has been praised by judicial authorities such as the American Bar Association. Using DoNotPay for a minor case means saving tons of money on a legal advisor and saving time and effort to work through the bureaucracy you`d otherwise have to deal with on your own. According to Terminix, “The Nix Pest Control Guarantee means you can relax if you know we`re going to eliminate your pest and nix problem.

And if the parasites come back between treatments, we will do it too – at no extra cost to you. “This means you can call your technician back between scheduled treatments if you see parasites coming back unexpectedly. Answers to your questions about the Terminix settlement and trial ✘ Not available in five states, including AK, MT, ND, SD and VT Terminix offers services in 45 states except Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Vermont. Terminix offers treatment and prevention services to protect your home from termites. Their advanced solution includes a three-step plan. First, a qualified expert will inspect your property and look for current termite activity or potential access points. Then they customize a treatment plan designed specifically for your home. Terminix`s bed bug removal service is protected by its satisfaction guarantee. If within 30 days additional bedbugs appear in the treated area, a technician will offer a new service at no additional cost.

In addition, Terminix extends a 90-day warranty when you purchase a mattress cover for mattresses and box spring beds in your home. To cancel an annual or monthly protection plan, you`ll need to skip tires with customer service, but most of the time, the cancellation goes well. You will get the money back in a few business days and everything will be fine. Your goal is to make them sympathetic to your fate, and kindness is the first and best step to do so. Be sure to always write down the names of the agents you`re talking to on the phone so that when you switch over to someone else, you can be specific and say, “I spoke to Samantha yesterday.” It may not seem like much, but having the names can really make it easier for customer service representatives to help you. .

How Does a Contract Buyout Work in the Nba

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022

Other contenders had to work a little harder last week to bolster their numbers. The Nuggets traded players and draft picks to get Aaron Gordon. The Clippers had to give up Lou Williams, the three-time sixth man of the year, to get Rajon Rondo. The Bucks traded players and picks to get P.J. Tucker. The Sixers traded players and picks to get George Hill. The Heat traded players and draft considerations to get Victor Oladipo. Usually the answer is no, but sometimes they work very well. The first review of the buyout by fans and media is usually the biggest splash the player makes in the whole ordeal. They usually don`t live up to the expectations of being “the guy” who will turn this team`s season.

The buyback market, on the other hand, is the rule. Markieff Morris was an integral part of the Lakers` championship race last season. P.J. Brown led the Boston Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2008. Boris Diaw landed with the San Antonio Spurs in 2012 and remained a critical reserve of their championship team in 2014. These are the most famous examples, and not all champions or finalists make a significant addition in the middle of the season, but it is the way to build the team that is most often available to the best teams and therefore the one they most often try to use at least. A contract buyout occurs when a team and a player mutually agree to part ways. Most often – at least at this time of year – buyouts occur when an experienced player is without playing time or in a lottery team and wants to have the opportunity to play for a competitor. From the team`s perspective, orchestrating a buyout with a player in this scenario can open up a spot in the roster, create playing time for a young preliminaries, or free up the team from a disgruntled member without having to take a new player`s contract as if they had traded the veteran. An excellent example is André Drummond.

He signed a maximum contract for the Cleveland Cavaliers with $28,.8M per regular season. They then traded him to the Lakers for a salary of $794,536 for the rest of the season. It`s a real boon for the Lakers. They added an All-Star player to the list at a very comfortable price. Most buyback contracts are worth the minimum wage. From a cap perspective, this means that most buyout contracts are worth the same amount, which would represent a proportional portion of the minimum wage for a second-year player (since the league reimburses teams for the extra salary of older players to prevent teams from intentionally targeting younger players). For the entire season, that would be about $1.62 million, but the actual amount paid to a player and counted below the cap depends on when the contract is signed. This regular season lasts 146 days. The trade deadline falls on the 93rd day of the season. Therefore, a player would get about 36.3% of that minimum number if they signed with a new team on the day of the deadline, and a little less each day that passes. While the buyout market attracts teams at the edge of size looking for the last piece to get them over the hump, it`s usually falling short of its overall success.

That doesn`t mean teams can`t catch lightning in a bottle like the Celtics did with PJ Brown in 2008, but the odds are very unlikely. Not yet. Once a player and a team agree to a buyout, the player is placed on waivers. During the two-day waiver period, teams can bid on a player`s rights as long as they have the space to sign them for a new contract. If more than one team bids for a player, priority will be given to the team with the worst record (similar to how it works in your fantasy league). There are, of course, some advantages to having these buybacks for established franchises. I hope our article helped them learn more about buyout terminology in the NBA. There are always factors that can affect the entire tournament, so the NBA buyout is always full of surprises. We think that`s why we love this tournament so much. A perfect example of a buyout scenario in the 2019-20 season is a player like Markeiff Morris, a former Detroit Piston and now with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Morris is in his ninth year in the league and has made a considerable leap forward during his tenure, playing for five teams during that time. He is not a star, but a very useful player and can contribute to the right team and help them win. The right team is the Lakers. The buyout period effectively ends on March 1, as it is the last day that teams where a purchased player can find a new club to participate in the playoffs. Free agents in the buyout market are different from regular free agents who have never signed with a team during or before the regular season. Often you`re dealing with a player who feels that their role in their previous team isn`t what they should be, and the hardest part of creating and managing a professional sports team is getting every player on the team to understand and embrace their role. PJ Brown did it, and it paid off. But as history in the buyout market has shown us time and time again, PJ Brown is a rarity.

Wade owed more than $23 million in his contract this season, meaning his cap for the Bulls this season was more than $15 million, even though he played for another team. This is one of the many ways a bad contract can have a big impact on a team and its capping situation. At some point, yes. But after a buyout, the team cannot re-sign the player or make a waiver to sign him until the end of the term of the cancelled contract or for one year, whichever is later. Of course, the Thunder traded Carmelo Anthony to the Hawks this summer. Anthony still had one year left on his contract, worth $27.9 million. Atlanta bought his contract for $25.5 million. But we`re not done with the madness of transactions yet. What`s next? The NBA buyout market. Yes, but that doesn`t always guarantee that it will happen. For example, Jahlil Okafor asked for a buyout last season, but the 76ers declined his request pending a trade. Philadelphia eventually ceded Okafor to Brooklyn.

While the minimum wage is the basis of redemption players, a number of contenders have a huge financial advantage over the competition in the form of cap exceptions. There are three main forms of exceptions that come into play with free agency in the middle of the season. The first is the intermediate-level exception. Most competing teams spend their entire exemption during the offseason. However, a few save some or all of it for use during the regular season. The following potential teams in the playoffs have saved some of their mid-level exception large enough to make an offer above the prorated minimum for free agents purchased beyond Yossi Gozlan of HoopsHype: Aldridge (35) and Griffin (32) are both beyond their prime time, but they are still solid players and an incredible luxury for a Nets team. which is already equipped with elite strikers. Aldridge`s contract with the Spurs paid $24 million this season (minus a $7.25 million buyout).

Griffin`s contract was worth $36.8 million this season and $38.9 million next season (minus a $13.3 million buyout). The Nets just combined the two for $2.1 million. Both players have signed new contracts with the Brooklyn Nets. Blake Griffin`s salary is $1,229,676 and Lamarcus Aldridge`s salary of $878,340. They will be their salary for the rest of the season. .

How Can We Reduce Income Tax

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022

Employees with high-deductible health insurance can use a health savings account (HSA) to reduce taxes. As with a 401(k), HSA contributions (which can be offset by the employer) are excluded from the employee`s taxable income by deducting wages; A person`s direct contributions to an HSA are tax deductible at 100% of their income. Tax deductions can be divided into two important categories: deductions above the line and deductions below the line. The “line” refers to your adjusted gross income (GII). Because pre-tax contributions are paid through restrictions on paycheques, the money saved in an employer-sponsored retirement account directly reduces taxable income. Traditional IRA contributions can be deducted from a person`s tax return, reducing taxes due in the tax year of the contribution. However, unlike contributions to an employer-sponsored plan, IRA contributions are made with after-tax dollars, meaning income taxes have already been deducted for the money. Buy tax-exempt bonds. Interest income from tax-exempt bonds is excluded from Medicare`s supplementary tax calculations and is not subject to federal income tax. Best of all, interest on municipal bonds purchased in your state of residence is exempt from tax.

For 2022, the zero-rate category for long-term capital gains for taxable income is $83,350 for married couples and $41,675 for single individuals. A tax planner and investment advisor can help you determine when and how to sell valued or amortized securities to minimize profits and maximize losses. Just as you may want to carry forward your income to next year, you may want to reduce your tax bill by accelerating deductions this year. The Jackson family will serve as a third example of how ordinary households can avoid paying federal income tax. The Jacksons` total annual salaries are $105,550. In general, you can deduct eligible medical expenses that represent more than 7.5% of your adjusted gross income for that tax year. When used in day-to-day business, many expenses can be deducted from income, reducing the overall tax payable. Particularly important tax deductions for the self-employed are health insurance premiums, which are available if special conditions are met. In addition to creating additional revenue, a parallel business offers many tax benefits. For example, if your adjusted gross income is $40,000, anything above the first $3,000 of your medical bills – 7.5% of your AGI – could be deductible.

If you are calling $10,000 in medical expenses, $7,000 of that amount could be deductible in this example. (Here`s how it works.) The Millers, a 30-year-old couple with three young children, will earn about $150,000 in 2021 between moderate wages and capital gains. If you`re in a high tax bracket, you`ll be happy to know that there are dozens of tax reduction strategies for high incomes. But you need to be diligent enough to follow them or contact an excellent financial advisor who can guide you. Depending on your income, marital status and the number of children you have, you may be eligible for a tax credit of up to $7,000 in 2020 and 2021. Convert your traditional IRA, SEP or SIMPLE to Roth. After the age of 59 and a half (if you have fulfilled the five-year rule), Roth distributions are generally exempt from tax. Plus, they`re not considered capital gains, so they don`t increase your MAGI for the 3.8% Medicare supplement tax. You`ll need to analyze your federal tax brackets, but Roth conversions can be a powerful tool for reducing the taxation of your future income.

Your federal tax bracket is the percentage of tax you owe to the IRS at each level of your taxable income. not to be confused with adjusted gross income. Generally, adjusted gross income (AGI) is a person`s total gross income minus IRS-approved line deductions. The advantage is that the money that goes into the account avoids both income taxes and social security. The trap is the famous “Use it or lose it” rule. You have to decide at the beginning of the year how much you want to contribute to the plan, and if you don`t use everything by the end of the year, you`ll lose the deductible. An investor who holds a capital asset for more than one year benefits from a preferential tax rate of 0%, 15% or 20% on the capital gain, depending on the investor`s income level. If the asset is held for less than one year before the sale, the capital gain is taxed at ordinary rates of return. Understanding long-term and short-term capital gains rates is important for asset growth. If you received a huge refund, do the opposite and reduce your withholding tax, otherwise you could live unnecessarily on less paycheck throughout the year. One thing to keep in mind when considering tax reduction strategies for high incomes is that current tax rates are temporary and are expected to expire in 2025. Income you carry forward to 2021 can actually be taxed at a higher rate later.

Riskier investments, such as stocks. B, help boost IRAs dramatically. More stable investments, such as bonds, are often included in IRAs to diversify and offset the volatility of stable-income stocks. It`s hard for employees to carry forward payroll income, but you might be able to carry over a year-end bonus to the next year – as long as it`s common in your business to pay year-end bonuses the following year. A flexible expense account (ASP) offers a way to reduce taxable income by reserving a portion of the income in a separate account managed by an employer. An employee can contribute up to $2,750 in the 2021 plan year (and $2,850 in 2022). Eligible pension contributions. Many employers offer eligible pension plans such as plans 401(K), 403(b) and 457 to attract qualified employees. If your employer offers one of these plans, it`s one of the easiest ways for high earners to reduce their taxes. Discounts are made directly on your paycheck and don`t even appear on your tax return.

The income reported on IRS Form 1040 is less pre-tax pension contributions. If you mention deductions, deducting medical expenses can reduce your taxes. The IRS defines medical costs as the costs incurred in diagnosing, treating, curing, mitigating, or preventing a disease. The taxpayer can deduct medical and dental expenses that exceed 7.5% of their adjusted gross income. Eligible expenses include those that concern you, a spouse or dependents. Regardless of when the taxpayer bears the medical expenses, the expenses can be deducted in the year paid. Both tax laws radically changed the tax laws. So how can you take advantage of these new tax laws and what tax reduction strategies are still in place for high incomes? The rules can get complex, but if you earned less than $57,000, the income tax credit might be worth a look. Finally, a tax deduction is a deduction that reduces a taxpayer`s tax liability by reducing their adjusted gross income and possibly their taxable income. The more deductions you can find, the greater your potential to reduce your tax bill.

If you hire your child to work for your business, you can also lower your tax bracket. It is a kind of income change. With the change in income, two objectives are achieved: it reduces the tax payable and reduces a taxpayer`s adjusted gross income. However, there are several restrictions on income transfer. The recovery of tax losses can also offset capital gains tax by selling securities at a loss. If the capital losses exceed the capital gains, the lower $3,000 excess loss or net capital loss may be deducted from other income. Capital losses of more than $3,000 may be carried forward to future taxation years. A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your actual tax bill, as opposed to a tax deduction that simply reduces the amount of your taxed income. It`s really money found, because if a loan reduces your tax bill below zero, the IRS can pay you back some or all of the money, depending on the loan.

(Here`s how it works.) Tax-deferred investment vehicles are not the same as tax-exempt vehicles (e.g.B. Roth IRA or HSA accounts); At some point, there will be tax consequences associated with the distribution of wealth. However, deferred tax items can be an effective tax strategy for high incomes to reduce their tax obligations in the current year. In addition, tax-deferred accounts benefit from compounded returns more quickly by protecting income from ongoing tax. There are a number of ways to reduce your tax risk, but these can change as laws change. If you sit down to work on your tax planning, a qualified tax lawyer at the table with you can make all the difference. Get answers to your questions and start reducing your tax burden by talking to a local tax lawyer. Since their taxable income was less than $80,800, their eligible dividends were taxed at zero per cent. Below the line, deductions, also known as standard deductions or individual deductions, are determined based on your AGI calculation. Unfortunately, not all deductions below the line will reduce your taxable income. It is estimated that nearly 90% of taxpayers will end up using the standard deduction instead of recording deductions. In 2021, the standard deduction is $12,550 for individuals, $25,100 for married people submitted together, and more for blind people and those aged 65.

Another level of complexity arises when these deductions and credits expire with the increase in income. The tax system is so complex for many reasons, from individuals taking advantage of the code`s loopholes (which has led to the creation of more rules) to government-led initiatives and incentives. .

High Self-Other Agreement

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022

This study has several strengths. First, compared to previous approaches to self-matching, RSA models allowed us to study the adaptation of alternative models and offered a rigorous test of competing hypotheses about the effects of self-other personality matching in adolescence. In addition, the large sample size, multi-output dimensions and longitudinal design made it possible to study response surface models in a powerful way. Nevertheless, this study must be considered in the light of important limitations. For cross-sectional analyses, we checked the age and sex of adolescents. For longitudinal analyses, we controlled for age, sex and internalisation problems in T1. Results regardless of age and sex were very similar, which we report in the online supplement documents (see Tables S2 and S3). Second, since our longitudinal data cover only 1 year, we were unable to study the long-term effects of self-alignment on internalization problems. It may be that self-other-correspondence affects the adolescent`s psychological adjustment in a more gradual way.

Future longitudinal studies covering a longer period of time (e.g. B, from late childhood to early adulthood) are needed to further examine the effects of aligning the other`s personality. Performance analysis for RSA is not easy. Following previous studies (p.B. Denissen et al., 2018), we used sample size and number of predictors to calculate the statistical significance of polynomial regression analyses. The results showed that the current sample size allowed us to detect small effects in polynomial regressions with six predictors (ƒ2 = 0.023 for self-parent and self-fraternal agreement; ƒ2 = 0.038 for self-friendship agreement) with a power of 0.80. Based on a work by Micha Strack, we can expand the concept of self-agreement. The self is measured for each interaction partner.

Alice appreciates herself when she is with Betty, Carol and Dawn. There are three forms of self-agreement: perceiving, generalized, and dyadic. For the agreement of self-siblings and self-friendship on consciousness, none of the predictors at the level of 0.005 were significant. For the self-mother agreement, the model 3 was the most suitable model. Only the square term self-rated consciousness was significant (b itself 2 = −0.05, p = 0.005). Youth who considered themselves to be very conscientious or barely conscientious had fewer internalization problems than youth who were moderately conscientious (Figure (Figure 2b).2b). None of the RSA parameters were significant. Can we accurately judge the values of others, or are values too subjective to be judged? We compared self-adequacy in personal values with correspondence in the five broad personality traits. The self-different agreement in four higher-order values (median r = 0.47) and in six culture-specific value factors (median r = 0.50) was substantial and similar to the five broad personality traits (median r = 0.51). Adjusted for attenuation due to measurement errors, self-harmonization was high for all three scales (median rs > 0.65). The results suggest that people can rate the values of others they know well with remarkable accuracy. Therefore, other personal value assessments can be used to validate and complete self-assessment scores.

In particular, RSA allows researchers to study the effects of (dis)matching without first having to convert self-report reports and other reports into difference values or regression residues (Edwards, 1994, 2007). The latter, more traditional approaches are problematic because they involve untested hypotheses (Cronbach, 1958; Edwards, 1994; Nestler, Humberg and Schönbrodt, 2018). For example, difference score approaches assume that there are no linear main effects of personalities self-rated and evaluated differently (i.e.b self = b other = 0), and that their principal square effects are identical (i.e. .b itself 2 = b other 2). Figure 1a1a shows an example of a response interface that meets these requirements to demonstrate a personality acceptance effect. In this hypothetical RSA graph, the internalization of problems is weakest in the middle of the LOIC and increases as it moves along the LOIC in both directions as the self-evaluations and other evaluations become more different (a4 > 0, a3 = 0). The LOC corresponds to the comb line (a5 = 0) and the level of internalization problems decreases linearly when moving from the front corner to the back corner (a1 < 0, a2 = 0). This figure suggests that personality match is better at higher levels of this personality trait due to the additional linear main effects of personality assessed by oneself and the outside (e.g. B, superior emotional stability assessed by oneself and one`s friends). For the self-motherhood and self-friendship agreement on openness, Model 3 was the most appropriate model, suggesting that adding second-order terms greatly improves model customization. For the self-mother agreement (see Figure 2e),2e), the mother-evaluated openness predicted far fewer internalization problems, and its interaction with the self-rated openness was also significant. The only significant RSA parameter was a1, suggesting that congruent combinations of high aperture (vs.

low) were associated with fewer internalization problems. For the self-friendship agreement on openness, none of the parameters at the 0.005 level were significant. In this study, we filled this gap by examining two alternative perspectives on the developmental consequences of matching the personality of others in adolescence. The first perspective indicates that personality agreement between self and self can promote the mental health and well-being of adolescents, who may be particularly sensitive to incongruous personality feedback because they are in the midst of identity development (Erikson, 1994; Srivastava, 2012). In contrast, the second perspective asserts that aligning the other`s personality may be less relevant to people who are less engaged in a particular self-vision (Swann, 2012). Most theories of identity development see adolescence as the beginning of a longer process of identification development (Erikson, 1994; Meeus, Schoot, Keijsers, Schwartz & Branje, 2010). Therefore, teens should have a more flexible and less engaged self-view than adults, and therefore may be better able to cope with incongruous feedback about their personality traits. In cases where internalization problems varied along the LOC, we looked at how different levels of congruent self-personality and other assessed personalities are related to internalization problems (e.g.

B, fewer internalization problems when the self and others reported high or low extroversions). We studied both linear effects (parameter a1; both views are high vs. weak congruent) and quadratic (parameter a2; both views are extreme congruent vs neutral). Finally, when a response surface has a peak, that line is called the first main axis (FPA). The position of the FPA is indicated by the recently introduced parameter a5. To achieve the effect of an agreement, the FPA would have to comply with the LOC instead of moving away from the LOC (Humberg, Nestler, & Back, 2019; Nestler et al., 2018). Given the rich literature on the main effects of self-rated and external personalities on internalized problems, a1 was able to deviate considerably from zero, but a2 was not (Humberg et al., 2019). A significant a1 would indicate that due to the main effects, the effects of personality match could be based on the level of self-esteem and other personalities assessed. To create an agreement effect, a4 should be significant, a2, a3 and a5 should not be significant, and a1 may be significant or insignificant (Humberg et al., 2019; Nestler et al., 2018). We examined these competing perspectives using multi-informant data from a large sample of adolescents and their relatives, and using state-of-the-art statistical analyses.

To our knowledge, we were the first to examine the implications of self-fraternal personality agreement. Overall, we found very little evidence of the positive effects of matching the personality of others on adolescent mental health. In particular, across the five personality traits and the three self-dyads, there was only one marginally significant outcome that included a self-friendly agreement on openness (a4 = 0.16, p = 0.020), which could reflect a random discovery. In one case, we even found that self-fraternal agreement on tolerability predicted more internalization problems (a4 = -0.22, p < 0.001). Since this is the first time that the effects of self-fraternal personality matching have been studied, and this effect has not occurred to any other trait measure, this exploratory finding should be interpreted with caution until it is replicated by future studies. Each type of agreement between self and other (self-mother, self-brother and self-friend) and each Big Five personality trait were modeled separately. To reduce the false positive rate, we considered results with p < 0.005 (double-sided) to be significant and results with 0.005 < p < 0.05 to be suggestive (Benjamin et al., 2018). For ease of interpretation, non-standardized predictors were centered on the center of scale (Barranti et al., 2017; Edwards, 1994).

We used multi-step modelling to account for the nested data structure with adolescents nested in families using the lme function and maximum probability to compare multi-level models (Barranti et al., 2017). The congruence line (LOC) represented the blue line on the response surface that runs from the front corner to the back corner. .


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